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Saree- The Unsurpassable Tradition

A saree is undoubtedly the most popular ethnic wear for women. It is because the saree has long been synonymous with Indian tradition. The way it brings out the elegance in a woman is unbeatable. However, its popularity should not only be attributed to its grace but also to the versatility it offers. Whether it's a festive gathering or a formal meeting, a saree suits all occasions. It doesn't differentiate between young and old and makes everyone look equally graceful. It can also be draped in various ways, leaving vast scope for creativity.
If you are also one of those saree aficionados, you've arrived at the right spot. We understand your love for sarees, so we have prepared a sizable catalog of different styles of trendy sarees that you can buy online in our store. Some of the categories that have received the most appreciation from our customers are:
Printed sarees
Print is the trend nowadays for every apparel, including sarees. Printed sarees are light to wear; however, they don't compromise with the looks in any way; they can look both festive or professional. They are also popular as daily wearables. You also get to choose from a wide range of options as there's no fixed pattern or type of cloth for these sarees. If vibrant prints match your taste, surf through the wide range available at our store, buy your favorite saree online without leaving the comfort of your bed and get it delivered to your doorstep. 
Banarasi sarees
As the name suggests, these sarees have originated from the Benaras (present-day Varanasi) city of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the few varieties that have gained equal appreciation from all generations for ages. Its fine silk, intricate patterns, and embroidery in gold and silver color bring out the feminine beauty in a subtle manner. It is one of the most common sarees in every woman's ethnic wear collection.
Chikankari saree
These sarees adorned with thread embroidery owe their origin to the city of Lucknow. They have been popular for centuries for their detailed patterns. Earlier, only white threads were used for embroidery. However, to survive the cutthroat competition, many modifications have been made to suit all generations' tastes. Whether you prefer the age-old traditional or westernized versions, you can find them all on our online shopping site.
Kanjivaram saree
In a country as diverse as India, a cultural symbol like a saree can't be static or without a unique element. Though we appreciate North India for their gifts of Banarasi and Chikankari sarees, we didn't overlook the rich Kanjivaram sarees of South India. These sarees woven from pure silk and decorated with traditional zari patterns are often part of those most adored collections of women's ethnic wear that are carefully kept for special occasions. Earlier, popular among South Indian brides only, these sarees have soon found their fans in the brides all over India and even overseas. Even if you are not the bride-to-be, you can wear them on any special occasion and even on formal occasions, where you want to look subtly elegant. 
Paithani saree
Another blend of silk with zari, these sarees originated in Maharashtra and are often preferred by women for auspicious occasions. In earlier times, these sarees were worn by nobles, giving them a sophisticated history. Popular patterns of peacocks, parrots, fans, coconuts, etc., in bright colors like red, blue, magenta, yellow, etc., give a joyous appeal to the overall look. You can give your wardrobe a unique touch by adding this variety of vibrant sarees to your closet. 
Jamdani saree
A Jamdani saree can be what you are looking for if you need something lightweight for the summer season but don't want to compromise on style. Woven on cotton or muslin cloth with gold threads, these hand-woven sarees require intensive labor work and are hence considered one of the most elite varieties available in the market. They enhance your looks subtly, allowing you to make heads turn without even wearing yourself out by putting on heavy sarees
So what are you waiting for? Add your favorites to the virtual cart and surprise everyone with your graceful charm. Even if you are not satisfied with the above-listed varieties and want something else, don't be disappointed. We have a lot more options available for you at our online shopping site: siya fashion. Our category is not limited to saree; it also includes other ethnic wear for women. Take a look and buy your favorites to dazzle at any occasion!