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Lehenga is the best traditional outfit one can think of for any Indian function. You can find hundreds of lehenga designs in the Indian market and on online websites. The traditional and aesthetic look a stylish lehenga reflects is incomparable to any other outfit.

However, since you have so many options to choose from, it can get rather confusing. With so many beautiful designs and patterns, we decided to narrow down your search by selecting the best types of lehengas for all events and functions:

Haldi Lehenga Choli

The very first function of a wedding, the Haldi ceremony! Oh, how fun is the Haldi ceremony, where everyone wears bright clothes to match the vibrant vibe of the function! The Haldi lehenga choli is very popular among young girls and women who have a distinct sense of style.

The flared lehenga goes best with the Haldi lehenga choli concept. You can satisfy your love for pleats and volume with a flared Haldi lehenga choli. The bright yellow-colored flared lehenga will bode well with the Haldi ceremony theme. Get the best Instagram-worthy pictures with the dense volume of your lehenga and flaunt your outfit in style!

Sangeet Lehenga Choli

All you have to do at the Sangeet ceremony is dance to your heart's content, and our lehenga choli can help you do just that with utmost grace! Since you will be dancing so much, you should wear a comfortable yet elegant Sangeet lehenga choli to suit your comfort and elevate your charm. A Sangeet lehenga choli with a trumpet skirt will definitely make heads turn. You can always combine the ethnic poise of a traditional Sangeet lehenga choli with a modern element by wearing a top instead of a blouse to add a unique touch to our ensemble!

Wedding Lehenga Choli

At any wedding, you cannot leave any stone unturned when it comes to dressing up for the event. Wedding lehenga cholis have the most variety and options that can effortlessly help you one-up the guest list.

You can find hundreds of wedding lehenga cholis online, but you should know that the trendiest ones are the printed lehengas with floral or textured prints. You can opt for them for the most comfortable and simple lehenga design. If you want to don a lehenga with the elegance of a saree, you can opt for a half saree lehenga style, which is slowly crawling its way into the hearts of our customers. For a western yet traditional look, opt for the overskirt design. Otherwise, you can wear the evergreen a-line wedding lehenga choli and rightfully earn a spot among the best-dressed

Bridal Lehenga Choli

If you are a bride-to-be, do not worry! We have plenty of options for you too. As the bride, you should have as many choices as possible when it comes to your ensemble; after all, it is your special day! However, there is a huge possibility that you will get confused by the hundreds of bridal lehenga cholis in the market.

Most brides go with the traditional red-colored embroidered lehenga choli for their wedding which is a definite show-stopper. However, if you want to try something different, we got you covered. Go for the flared or layered lehenga if you want extra volume and flares. If you do not want a fluffy lehenga, go for the straight-cut lehenga design to flaunt your curves. Another latest trend in the bridal lehenga cholis is the net lehenga, thanks to their regal look and quick adaptation to all types of prints and patterns.

Reception Lehenga Choli

The official last event of any wedding is the reception, and though most women wear western outfits to a reception, you can stand out from the crowd with reception lehenga cholis.

The two designs we prefer the most for the reception lehenga cholis are the jacket addition and the circular lehenga. You can pin up a heavily embroidered dupatta on your shoulders and wear it as a jacket to give your outfit the perfect finishing touch; this outfit will also save you from the bitter cold while you look flawless! You can go with the circular lehenga skirt if you want a fusion of ethnic and western wear. Both the designs will make heads turn, thanks to their unbeatable elegance.

Choose Siya Fashion 

No matter what the design, print, or pattern is, you can find your perfect lehenga choli online with Siya Fashion. We select and offer the most stunning and charming lehengas at affordable prices for our customers as we understand the importance of looking their best at events and functions. Surf through the thousands of hand-picked lehengas online and make a lasting impression on any occasion.