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Kanjivaram Silk Sarees – Class at Its Best


Kanchipuram, a city in southern India, became well-known for its unique silk saree weaving about 400 years ago. These sarees are referred to as Kanchipuram Silk Sarees or Kanjivaram Sarees. They are a pure silk weave fabric from Mulberry silk and are woven in zari, which comes from Gujarat, which is gold-plated to give that unique and pure gold silk weave look. 

This unique silk weave and the heavyweight make saree Kanchipuram memorable. In addition, patterns like temple borders, checks and stripes, florals, and paisley are trendy, and coin design motifs also give Kanchipuram silk sarees a symbolic appearance. The main design element of these sarees is their borders, which are woven individually and covered in gold zari, which completely contrasts with the rest of the fabric. The temple borders are another essential design element that connects the pallu and body sections. 
The rich, heavy saree is ideal for big occasions, and Indian women often love to wear it as their wedding saree dress. When you need the best and most original kanjivaram sarees, Siya Fashion is at your service with world-class collections. 

The Fabulous Comes with Various Choices 

kanjivaram sarees for weddings are the best possible choice for an Indian wedding.   With some adjustment to this, your aura as a woman becomes more pronounced and brilliant. It also appears grander and more wonderful. Here are a few lovely sarees made of kanjivaram silk for your upcoming events. 

1. Pink Woven Kanjivaram Silk Saree 

With short-sleeved blouses and flowers attached to the long cascades of hair, the look will make everyone's eye pop. Since the saree already has a shimmering golden look, try to limit the use of sparkling stones. They will appear cluttered and disturbed if they have too many jewels. You now have a little silk sap-inspired zari weaving in a matte pink silk fabric.  

2. Red Kanjivaram Silk Designer Saree 

This saree is just another masterpiece. It looks dreamy by combining the red and gold zari border. Make sure to adorn yourself with large stones to enhance your attractiveness. This Kanchipuram pattu saree goes well with any outfit you choose, and it shares the characteristic thick borders of traditional Kanjivaram sarees. 

3. Purple Kanchipuram Silk Saree 

The saree is the ideal option for a wedding night because of its gorgeous purple and pure golden color combination. The saree's entire body is decorated with intricate and delicate motifs, and the frontier is almost an inch thick. Gold jewelry completes the saree's golden sparkle. 

4. Green Kanchipuram Silk Saree 

This silk saree from Kanchipuram has a beautiful color combination, making it the perfect wedding party saree. A pattern block and sparkly circles are woven across the entire saree body. The border features two designs; the inner is lined with reddish-gold zari, while the outside is bordered with wrought.  

5. Orange Kanchipuram Silk Saree 

This saree embodies the same mood and combines vibrant yellow with energetic red. The entire length of the saree is covered in polygonally dotted booti, giving it a stunning appearance. The saree's border also has an orange sari with intricate motifs. 

6. Yellow Kanjeevaram Silk Saree 

Look at this magnificent kanjivaram saree look, which features a bright and gorgeous yellow color with fantastic and stunning designs. In addition, the yellow color is unusual and eccentric in and of itself. Therefore, it can be used for a small wedding with a beachy feel. 

Shop for the Adorable Kanjivaram Sarees Online 

The fondness that Indian actresses harbor for the Kanjivaram pattu saree has been the subject of discussion among fashion analysts! In most functions of Bollywood, actresses revered for their ethnic sense of fashion are spotted in gorgeous Kanjivaram sarees. kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping will offer fantastic designs for you. Even in 2022, the craze for the Kanjivaram silk saree has not diminished a bit. It is one of the most popular types of sarees in bridal wear, So you should add a couple of these masterworks to your wardrobe.